Amendments to the Kazantip Constitution

In view of the Kazantip Republic’s entrance into the international arena and its increased popularity among tourists from all over the world, the Government of the republic would like to draw the attention of the foreign guests and the Great Nation to the Amendments to the Kazantip Constitution.

The two new articles of the Criminal Code - on incitement of ethnic hatred and Sexual harassment - are meant to regulate gender and interethnic relations of the cosmopolitan crowd spending holidays in the Republic. For the avoidance of confusion and misconception, we recommend all of you get acquainted with the new masterpieces of lawmaking. For as you know, "ignorance of the law does not excuse" and “who didn’t read our constitution… so much the worse for them”


It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new site!

As you know, the Kazantip republic is a multi-ethnical state where music, dances and emotions are used as universal languages, which allows the Great Nation to understand one another. And yet, we didn’t have certainty that the rest of the world did perceive and comprehend us adequately. The last episode with giving Ibiza DJ Award for the best international festival (we repeat, we’re not a festival;) to the Kazantip Republic was a real confirmation of that. Given that now more than ever, the program for achieving the world supremacy through peaceful means is our highest priority and there is no better peaceful means then to make it fall in love with us, we’re going to flirt with the world in popular languages (except Chinese). The history, the constitution and the elements of the kazantipish social science in English, German and French. On the brand new international website of the Republic.

You’re welcome!
Soyes le bienvenu!


Kazantip through the eyes of media: love is on air ;)

“Totalitarian raving” – what a brilliant wordplay headline! “Kazantip is not a festival, it’s more than that.”

This is it! Good boys mag! The smart, nicey, glossy “DJ Magazine” finally got the point. Thank you, guys, we do really appreciate that.


“The atmosphere is one of uninhibited hedonism. Kazantip is going out in style.” [the rest is unreadable but we're sure it's flattering, wonderful words, and Carl Cox was really charmed with us ;]

Well, seems like “Mixmag” loves us too. Or was it ”Mixmag” who loved us most, even before “DJ Magazine”? Anyway, despite being pretty small, the Kazantip Republic has enough space to carry the entire world’s love, so all of you magazines, newspapers and tv-channels should   are welcome to love us anytime. [Didn't you know we're a utopian state, did you? ;] Not that we believe in constancy of media’s or people’s love… whatever… love us the way you can, if you want it.  

And yes.
Don’t love us to death — love us to dance.


And The European Festival Awards goes to…

Hmm, funny thing… There is yet another award Kazantip is nominated for: “European Festival Awards”. And yet again as a  “festival” . To be precise, we see ourselves in two nominations at a time – the Best Indoor Festival & Best Major Festival. And because of our non-festivalness and non-ambitiousness we have no idea what to think/to do about that…;P  But since you’re free of such prejudice, feel free to vote ;]

The first round of voting runs until 23 November.

A dream

There was a dream
that the great nation
had gotten sore feet from dancing
and lost its voice
confessing love for each other
somewhere at the edge of the world and water.

It was that sort of dream…
Don’t know what’s the drift of all this…

The Best International Festival? Wow!

“We are delighted that you will be attending the DJ Awards
at Pacha Ibiza on Tuesday 28th September to pick up
the award for International Festival.”

(from the Ibiza DJ Awards official letter)

BAM! While we were busy playing in our huge sandbox making the 18th Kazantip (18 is a nice age, you know!) IBIZA DJ AWARDS 2010 decided to give us AWARD as THE BEST INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL on the planet Earth. That said, it was pretty surprising and unexpected!

Perhaps they didn’t read our history or The Constitution and had no idea that we’re not a festival, but it’s okay. As we wrote way back in “Kazantip through the eyes of normal people”, we may look like this.

Anyway, we’re very flattered — sure, that green ‘kryptonite” abstract little thing is as valuable as Grammy in the dj-universe. And if we were a festival, we definitely would be the best one. You think ,we are a bit too much too self-confident? Maybe, maybe… ;] Wanna know what speech President prepared for DJ Awards Ceremony? Here goes: “I would like to thank God, my Mom, my friends, all Kazantipian saints like Batman, Peter Pan, Carlson and others, and – sure! – MY PERFECT TEAM!…” ;]

“We’ve  always known we are the best.
But now you know it too.”

No jokes, it was a nice age gift from the World. Thank you.